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Math Content Leader:
Courtney Matarese - grade 7th/8th MLL

Math Department Teachers:
Danielle Placido - grade 6
Donna Doorley - grade 6
Keoaroun Phrathep - grade 6 MLL
Shannon St.Angelo - grade 7
Jared Monteiro - grade 7th/8th 
Sorng Sun - grade 8
Our district uses the Reveal curriculum by McGraw Hill.  All students have access to an online version of their workbook at home from Clever.  The Interactive Student Edition eBooks allow them to type answers just like they write answers in hard copies.  The Student Edition ebook is not interactive and will look just like the hard copy book. 
In addition to having the Reveal curriculum, our students also have access to ALEKS.  Students complete “Knowledge Checks” to show which math skills they have mastered, and then they get individualized skills to work on based on what they already know.  Many teachers assign this as weekly homework to complete a certain amount of time or skills to complete each week.  The number in the middle of the circle indicates how many skills they have already mastered.  As they master more skills throughout the year, that number will go up and the circle will fill in with more color. 
Students are required to take the STAR Math test at the beginning (September), middle (January), and end (May) of every year.  If students are “green” then they do not need to take it again in November and March.  If you are unsure of what your child’s scores mean, there is an explanation linked to Understanding My STAR Math Scores.  We will be sending home STAR Family Reports.  This will show what your child scored overall as well as in each Domain.   With a smartphone, you can scan the code to learn more about what your child can work on.  
The STAR Assessment also talks to the program Freckle.  Freckle has both ELA and Math skills for students to work on based on their scores from STAR.  For Math, students have 2 Fact Practices that will show up daily.  Focus skills are where they can work on skills that are directly aligned with their STAR test data. Focus skills are never ending because it will always give a new skill so working for 20-30 minutes at home is a good amount of time for practice.  

The dashboard to see the Fact Practice and Focus Skills is pictured.
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