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Shining Stars

Hello Shining Stars! Welcome to our team page!  We could not be more excited to have you with us as we all move through this unconventional year!  Let this site be a hub to the beginning of middle school.


This year is going to ask a lot from all of us.  As a Shining Star, we will stick together to get through whatever challenges or obstacles come our way and rise above, shining!


If at anytime you feel nervous or overwhelmed; or if you have a question or are confused; email one of us right away!  We will get back to you with an answer!


Below please find information on your expectations this school year, how to use Aspen, and your CPSED E-mail information.


Though it seems scary, we are going into this optimistic and excited for what this year can bring.  It is definitely going to be different, but different doesn't have to mean it won't be fun.  We will find create ways to laugh and learn and grow and make new connections just like any other year.  Just be patient and try to stay positive!  See you in class.


-Shining Stars

School Wide Student Expectations

The B.A.I.N. Way & PBIS

  • The Bain Way stands for:

    • B - Be Respectful and Responsible

    • A - Always Try

    • I - Initiate, Improve, Inspire

    • N - Notice the Good

By acting the Bain Way everyday, you increase your opportunities to receive PBIS points! You can keep track of and redeem your PBIS points on the PBIS app!


Student Team Expectations in Person Learning

As a Shining Star, you will be expected to:

    • report to class promptly and take their seat.

    • wear their mask at all times during the school day.

    • be respectful at all times.

    • report to class prepared with their own notebook, pen, and pencil. (Sharing materials will not be allowed at this time.)

    • complete work in a timely manner.

    • ask for help if you are unsure or confused.

Student Team Expectations when Distant Learning

As a Shining Star, you will be expected to:

    • find a quiet space in your home to complete your schoolwork.

    • follow your schedule and virtually report to class on time.

    • read your email each morning, AND each afternoon for important information including school updates, assignments, and team news.

    • log in to each subject’s google classroom daily and complete all assignments ON TIME.

    • read, watch, or listen to ALL the directions FIRST before beginning an assignment.

    • email teachers with any questions if you are having difficulty, are unsure, or are confused.

Team Policies

For all core classes the following policies will be in place for your success.

  • If you score lower than a 70 on any assignment, you may makeup that assignment within the current quarter. The makeup grade will replace the old grade, but will only be scored up to a 70 (passing grade).

  • Assignments will fall into one of two categories:

    • LA Grades: 80% of your overall grade

  • These assignments are Tests, Quizzes, Labs, Projects, etc.

    • CA Grades: 20% of your overall grade

  • These assignments are Homework, Class Participation, Group Work, etc.

  • Grades are broken down as follows:

  • A+ (97-100)

  • A (93-96)

  • A- (90-92)

  • B+ (87-89)

  • B (83-86)

  • B- (80-82)

  • C+ (77-79)

  • C (73-76)

  • C- (70-72)

  • D (65-69)

  • F (Below 65)


What is Aspen and the Family Portal?

  • The Cranston Public School District uses Aspen to manage student information including grading, scheduling, attendance, discipline, and other data. Students have their own log in credentials, but parents can also log into Aspen to view information about their children with their own login information.


I have not received a username and password - how can I get one?

  • Please contact the guidance office of the school your child attends for assistance or submit the request form (See below)

  • Aspen Portal Letter Sample.


How do I access Aspen?

  • Aspen may be accessed with any Internet connected computer. You can use it on just about any web browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari Google Chrome or others. If you are using your phone, please note that the display does not show you everything that appears on a computer browser.


What should I do if I forget my password?

  • If you set up your security questions and your email address as per log in instructions, you can click “I forgot my password” and a new password will be emailed to you. Please click here for instructions


How do I set my Security Preferences in Aspen?

  • Once you have successfully logged into Aspen go to the Set Preferences in the upper right corner.

  • The preferences box will open, go to the Security top tab and fill in the appropriate information for your email address and your security question. This will allow the use of the automated password recovery feature.

Email Instructions

Student e-mail account instructions:

Go to http://google.com/a/cpsed.net or go to the CPS Google Mail link on the cpsed.net home page or click the gmail icon in the header above.


• Enter your username

Student Usernames are as follows: firstname.lastname(last three of student id) @cpsed.net

For example:

John Smith with student id 123456 will have this email: smith456@cpsed.net

John Smith with student id 123078 will have this email: john.smith078@cpsed.net

John Smith Harris with student id 123456 will have this email: john.smithharris456@cpsed.net

John Smith-Harris with student id 123456 will have this email: smithharris456@cpsed.net

John O’Leary with student id 123456 will have this email: oleary456@cpsed.net


• Enter your password

Passwords are as follows: (full year of graduation)(student id)

Students graduating in 2027 with student ID 123456 will have the password: 2027123456


You will be prompted to change your password after successfully logging in.

• For problems with accounts please contact Donna-Marie Frappier, dfrappier@cpsed.net 270-8195